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To start your reverse phone lookup today, simply type the number below to find information including name, address, line details, carrier information and further background information for any phone number. All searches are 100% legal and discreet. Begin by typing their number below:

Reverse Cell Phone Lookup Glossary  
Ex: 555-555-5555

Using The Search Engines For Reverse Phone Lookups

Using the search engines such as Google or Yahoo to perform reverse phone lookups is something that, admittedly, hardly ever works. The whole method relies on the number AND information you're looking for to be listed on a public web site which you can access from the search engines. This means that the most likely numbers and details that you will find with this method will be either cold call sales people or people who harass people a lot.

To find phone numbers using the search engines, all you need to do is simply browse to your favorite one (Google or Yahoo or MSN) and in the search box, type the number you want to search. First off, try the format xxx-xxx-xxxx including the area code. If you don't get any results for that, then try looking up xxx xxx xxxx where each x is a digit of the phone number.

If that doesn't work, then try the number in "quotation marks". This will bring back any results with that exact phone number on the page and will give you a more targeted set of results. After hitting "search", you look through the first couple of pages of results to see if any web sites have the phone number listed with information attached.

It's all a case of finding that little snippet of information, either on sites like or just on normal web sites, to see exactly who owns the phone number. If you find any information using this method, there is no way to check if the information is valid... as much of it is out of date.

If you have no luck using this method, then its advisable that you find the information by using a reverse cell phone lookup. These services are affiliated with huge databases of reverse phone information that allows you to bring back the information you need almost instantaneously.

What's more, all the information with reverse cell phone lookup services is kept 100% up to date, meaning that you can rely on them to provide the best high quality information. Because they are so confident in the quality of their service, they give you a 56 day guarantee for the data.

If you've had no luck with the search engines, use a reverse cell phone lookup >>



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